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About us

The name HAEGIN signifies a long stretch of time or longevity in old Korean, emphasizing the company’s desire to live happily, ever after.

Like the name, HAEGIN dreams of building a company where everyone is truly happy.

As colleagues and good friends, we strive to make great games that we can take pride in,
to impact society for the better and in turn find our place within its fabric for years to come.

Our philosophy is not about mass producing games. It is not simply about being at the top of the charts or maximizing profits. Though it may not be easy, our goal is to challenge ourselves to build a legacy that we can all be content with.

We aim to build a company in which success is shared among its members, one that makes a lasting positive impression with its games, a company that is respected and loved among players around the world.



  • AUGPlay Together selected for the ‘Game Global Service Platform plus’ program (GSP plus) by the Korean Creative Content Agency
  • JULExtreme Golf invited by the the National Assembly Cutural Content Forum to demonstrate at the inaugural assembly
  • APRExtreme Golf global launch
  • APRPlay Together selected for the Next Generation Game Content Production Support Initiative
  • NOVOVERDOX global launch
  • OCT Homerun Clash selected as ‘Game of the Month’ [by the Korean Creative Content Agency]
  • OCT‘Professional Field Experience Opportunity Provider’ designation
  • JUL‘Promising Export Firm’ designation awarded [from the Korean Small & Medium Business Administration]
  • MAY OVERDOX selected as recipient for ‘Global Publishing Support Initiative’ [from the Korean Creative Content Agency]
  • APRCorporate Profit Sharing Certification
  • JANHomerun Clash global launch
  • JULCorporate R&D Center established
  • JUNVenture Company Certification
  • MAYAdditional equity capital inducement – ₩8 Billion
  • APRCorporate Certification
  • SEPHAEGIN Corp. founded

Investors and partners

  • Storm Ventures Fund
    Storm Ventures Fund
    A venture capital fund headquartered in Silicon Valley, that focuses on investment for B2B startups and specializes in incubation for enterprise leaders.
    Subsidiary of Tencent Holdings Ltd. established in 2015. Investments in Kakao Games and Krafton (known for TERA).
  • Netmarble-kona Venture Fund
    Netmarble-Kona Venture Fund
    Investment firm specializing in the game industry, established in September 2015 with initial capital of 20.3 billion won, headed by Korean Venture Investment Corp.(FOF) and Netmarble as primary investors.
  • Desister Corporation
    Devsisters Corporation
    A KOSDAQ enlisted Korean game developer which focuses on mobile games and character related products using the Cookie Run IP, which is its most successful game.
  • BonAngels Pacemaker
    BonAngels Pacemaker
    An investment company that specializes in early startups, utilizing on the experience and insight of its partners on establishing successful startups. Early major investor for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS(PUBG).

Real-time home run matches against players worldwide! #Battle Royale #Clan Battle #World Championship
#Card System #Upgrade Characters #Strategic Gameplay
Q&A : X
Close HOMERUN CLASH 홈런 클래시 Play See More
Real-time melee-only battle royale of 12 contenders! #Royale Rumble #Violent Brawl #Weapon & Armor
#In-game Growth #Special Skills #Chasing & Parrying
Q&A :
Close OVERDOX 오버독스 Play See More
Real-time golf matches with golfers from all around the world! #Real-time Competition #Multiplayer Game #Beautiful Courses
#Various Items #Easy to Control #Realistic Physics
Q&A :
Close EXTREME GOLF 익스트림 골프 Play See More


We are looking for people who
  • Have expertise in the work they do
  • Have a positive and forward-looking mind
  • Pursues heartwarming and happy teamwork
  • Have a passion for entertaining game and success
  • Project based incentive
  • Stock options for early employees
Employee Welfare
  • Meal allowance, apart from annual salary
  • Welfare expenses
  • Company cafeteria and massage chair
  • Option to use quarter-day leave
  • Congratulation and condolence support
  • Comprehensive health checkups, including 1 family member (Biennial)


#1407 Woorim Lion’s Valley C, 168 Gasan Digital 1-ro,
Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
+82-02-6951-5001 / Fax +82-02-6455-6951
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